Our Story

Founded in 2015 as one of New Zealand’s premier natural juice companies, Aporo Apples grew from the desire to create uniquely delicious products using only the freshest New Zealand fruit. Derived from the Maori word for “apples,” Aporo utilizes the most innovative methods to craft fresh, apple-inspired items with an emphasis on maintaining the natural flavours, tones and aromas of the fruit.

Hand-picked and freshly processed onsite, Aporo partners with orchards in the Hawke’s Bay region using sustainable, environmentally-friendly practises which help nurture the fruits’ truly natural flavours. With a commitment to using only the best New Zealand apples, you’ll love every crisp sip and tantalizing bite of our fresh-pressed juices and natural snacks.

Aporo’s philosophy is simple: honour the taste of fresh New Zealand apples using high-quality, natural ingredients for apple-inspired products you will truly enjoy.

Apple Types

With a variety of different yet delicious types of apples grown in New Zealand, our apple juices are created using only the finest and freshest, guaranteeing natural flavours and aromas you’ll be eager to dive into.

Originally developed in New Zealand, we love Royal Galas for their sweet, crisp taste and noticeable aromas.

Refreshing and temptingly tart, Granny Smith lend the perfect hint of tang to our apple juices with sweet undertones.

Juicy with a rich, deep flavour, Red Delicious apples will tempt your tastebuds and are popular for their bold colours and noteable tastes.

Crisp and juicy with delightfully fantastic pink coloring, Pacific Rose is another New Zealand variety characterized by its rich taste and is perfect as a featured flavour in apple juice.  

One of New Zealand’s most notorious apples, Braeburns are subtly sweet with rosy “flesh” and a clean taste wonderful for cooking, consuming, and fresh-pressed apple juice