Aporo Apple Juices

A delicious or delectable blend of the world's freshest and tastiest apples from the orchards of New Zealand

How we make our Apple Juice

Aporo apple juices are fresh pressed from orchard-grown¬†apples in the Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand.

Our 100% natural New Zealand fruits are grown in a clean and sustainable environment, with our juices extracted from a single press process, flash pasteurization to retain their original aroma and taste.

1. Fresh, ripe and juicy apples harvested from New Zealand orchards

2. Apples are cleansed and juiced directly onsite

3. Our apples are flash-pasteurized and the juice filtered for optimal flavour

4. Bottles are washed and steriled

5. Bottles of freshly pressed juices filled & capped

6. Juices are carefully packed and palletized, ready to ship

7. Container is thermal-lined for proper handling & shipping

8. Aporo is ready to be loaded and brought to you

Aporo Apple Juices

Classic Apple

A luscious blend of crisp Granny Smith and and sweet Royal Gala apples for a deliciously nostalgic taste

Apple Blackcurrant

Rich, earthy tones of Blackcurrant with the enticing taste of sun-ripened apples

Apple Lemon

Delectably ripe apples are paired with tart, tangy lemons for an antioxidant rich fusion of flavour

Apple Orange

Sweet, succulent oranges bursting with Vitamin C are combined with crisp apples to pack the perfect punch of flavour

Apple Peach

Plump, juicy peaches lend a fresh, sweet taste to our classic apple juice made with freshly-pressed New Zealand apples

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